What can I say about yesterday apart from it was amazing – thank you so much for having ‘S’ and myself.

I saw S’ main teacher today and she said he didn’t stop talking about the session for the rest of the afternoon! His favourite activity was the clay modelling. He also liked cooking popcorn on the campfire; I think the fact the children were able to cook this themselves using a stick to hoist the little parcels on and off gave excellent risk taking in a controlled environment.

From my point of view, Gin showing me the bow saw and brace drill was invaluable as I was looking for experience in using these in a working situation.

TA, Abbotskerswell Primary
It was great to see him working alongside other children and to see him asking for help and using his manners without needing to be reminded. It was lovely to see another side of him. The place was calm, relaxed and positive. The staff gave children the time to settle, relax and become comfortable in the environment. This gave him the opportunity to assess the area for himself and then once he felt safe and happy, he was able to join in when he wanted to.
TA, Highweek Community Primary School

Our outdoor sessions are specifically designed for children who are at risk of exclusion. We offer support in managing emotions by immersing children in the great outdoors, and by developing a ‘toolkit’ for self-regulation of ‘big’ emotions.

Weekly sessions (term-time only) are 3 hours long, and led by our Forest School Leader and Emotional Resilience Coach, and are held in a beautiful meadow – offering plenty of space and release from the everyday classroom!

Due to funding from the Big Lottery, we are able to offer these sessions for only £300 per half term!

If you require assistance with transport, please contact us as we try to accommodate your needs where possible.

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